Not My Husband's Baby

1.)I have always had a vivid imagination.
2.)Im a nympho with a porn addiction (thank goodness for xnxx!)
3.) The more I experience the more extreme and even gross my porn selection and fantasies become.

I gave up my crazy lifestyle about a year ago when I met my husband. I went from orgies to him literally overnight. He kept me so consumed working on his problems and proving to him that I wanted only him that I even fooled myself into believing I was "cured".

I have been faithful to him throughout our relationship, although there has been plenty of temptation. Now he's starting to break the ice about having kids.

There is one fantasy I cannot shake off. At first it horrified me but now I find it kind of sexy.

I havent had the opportunity to sleep with BBC yet. I bought a pretty large black silicone dong a few months ago. This was an awesome one smooth silicone great vein detailing; not those cheap plastic or rubber ones that seem like everyone is using nowadays. (Seriously people these things are going inside you if it isnt glass or silicone its gross and not in a good way!)

I got home with it and explained to my husband that it was homework for product knowledge. (I work in the retail world of the adult industry so Im always getting things from vendors to try like and promote or give feedback on negative findings). He flipped and went on a whole rampage of wanting Penis emlargement surgery.

Side note advice:
Men if your partner sleeps with you two or three times they like or have accepted your penis. If you arent confident about this still, sex stores sell extensions or thickeners (think long thick cock ring) and test your partners reaction to it. Also if you have a female partner, if you give her an orgasm through toys, touching, or oral, she will tighten up. Sometimes the solution is not increasing penile size, its decreasing the vaginal area. If you are anti-orgasm (you suck) but they sell vaginal shrink cremes at sex stores as well. Make sure you are buying one that rehydrates the vaginal walls and isnt an irritant that will just make it swell. If you dont currently have a partner, it isnt your penis size that isnt attracting them. Its a personality flaw or your obbsession with your penis. Ive never understood why men open up a sexy conversation by sending a dick pic. Trust me, women do not just become all cock crazy and want to jump you based on that pic. Im a photographer as well and the angles and poor lighting always made me grimac and loose your number.

Anyways, getting back to my fantasy. I was only ever able to use my large dong once before he threw it out. (I wonder how many large dongs are in our landfills). That was enough for me. I love this man but men can be so stupid. You really think that you can be replaced by toys?! All you are worth to me a lump of silicone?

This closeminded attitude made me want to shock him. We are constantly kinky. Who else really can brag that they have been with someone for a year and still has an s &m lifestyle with that person and only them? I dress him up as a pony and ride him around the house. I make him wear my panties as I spank him.

Its time to get real. I want BBC tearing my pussy apart. I want an affair based on his worst nightmare. I want a gangbang in my bedroom right on my husband and my bed. I want to spend all day being fucked. I want their cum everywhere. Wherever they want. I want as many penises in me as possible. I want to be double penetrated. I want to be fucked until it hurts so much I cry and I want to continue to be abused through the tears.
If a man coats me in cum I want someone to take the time while I continue to be pounded to scoop up that wasted semen and wipe it into my pussy or on the current cock for more lubrication. Im definitely going to need as much lubricant as possible.

I want to to fucked I can no longer move and just continue to lay there and take the punishment.
Then I want them to focus on my ass when my pussy is swollen shut. I want not a single drop of their load wasted and they fill my hole with cum. Ive never had a cum enema before and the challenge of seeing how much I can hold excites me. I want to feel my tummy begin to swell until my body can no longer take the pressure and I release and used, stained cum sprays out all over the place.

When its all over and Im done day dreaming for a while Ill clean up the room a bit, hide the evidence, rinse off and brush my hair; being careful to clean everything but my vagina. Then have sex with my husband with my untouched pussy. I want him to go down on me noticing that I dont taste as sweet as usual. I want him to fuck me and wonder why Im already so swollen. I want him to think that he must have just done an awesome job as he unloads in me.
I want to go on living in my happy marriage.
I want to celebrate nine months later when I give birth.
I want to ease his mind when he wonders why it just doesnt look quite like him and I quietly enjoy my little secret.

Not My Husband's Baby